Left-handed players

Left-handed players

What do Hugo Sanchez, Maradona, Jose Luis Chilavert, Iker Casillas, Lionel Messi, and Roberto Carlos have in common besides being futbol-soccer stars? Well, if you answered that they are left handed, you are correct! These superstars, among others. are part of the select group in futbol-soccer that are left handed and that have made —some are still making— history in this sport.

Left-handed players are very important pieces in the field for their coaches, because left-handed players are very skilled and have a technique that helps them control the ball better than their opponents. Also, according to scientists, left-handed people have a gene that makes them more creative, and in the field that quality comes at hand in an important game.


Left-handed players


Counting only the BBVA league in Spain, one out of every four futbol-soccer players are left handed. This represents 22.8% of the players in that league alone, more than the 12-15% in comparison tothe left-handed people in the world.


Left-handed players have a great advantage over the other players because as a minority they are used to playing against right-handed players, and that gives them experience that the other players do not have against left-handed players.


In general, 30% of humans are more skillful with their left feet, although in the futbol-soccer world there are a few exceptions with players that use both feet with remarkable accuracy. Some examples are Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Andrea Pirlo and, of course, the king Pelé.


Left-handed players


There is no doubt that left-handed players possess many qualities that help them give a great show for the fans in the field, but they have a disadvantage. They can be clumsy with their right foot. That is why they should play on the left side of the field, so that they can play their best game.


Another advantage of left-handed players over their opponents is that they have a better vision of the field. They see the field in a 3D perspective that gives them an advantage when moving the ball around the field. A great example would be Lionel Messi, who knows—others say that he feels—the field very well, and that is why his moves are very surprising for the opponents and his shots very accurate.


Being one of the left-handed players in the futbol-soccer world is a synonym of a good show for the fans and great results for the club they are playing for. According to scientific statistics, the number of left-handed players may increase in the future because of what they represent inside the field; happy fans and futbol clubs popularity.





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