Instructor Cruz and how to improve female soccer performance

It is worth taking a few minutes to reflect on the immense potential our girls have in sports, especially in futbol-soccer. Female champions have graced our country with many victories throughout history, with the USWMNT constantly fighting for the top spot of the FIFA World Ranking. As a way to empower the girls of our community, our resident specialist that has taken them under his wing: Meet Instructor Cruz Ayala!

Head Instructor Cruz Ayala

His commitment to provide our female players with the necessary skills knows no bounds. As he has said it himself, perfecting the futbol-soccer craft takes more than just practicing in regular sessions and matches. How does he set the pace for that? Intensity and discipline: most of his regular players combine their regular training with our High Performance Training, Team Clinics and Private Sessions to further develop their conditions and abilities.

Instructor Cruz and his players

Regardless of the talent or skills and knowledge Head Instructor Cruz Ayala has mastered, real success can be seen in  our players as they have been able to show the world the progress and growth they have achieved.



Still, isn’t this trick awesome?

“TFF trainings have been instrumental in teaching fast reacting soccer skills: soccer IQ, eyes open for when a pass is on, confidence and taking shots. The co-ed environment helps girls be stronger and more aggressive, and aids in quick thinking and quicker reactions”, commented Cindi Gehler, the mother of the incredibly talented Grace Gehler.

Instructor-Cruz-GracieGracie Gehler’s constant training has given rise to a new star

She also mentioned that Gracie had stalled in her futbol-soccer development and began visiting TFF as a way to break that plateau. Nowadays, hard work has paid for our girl. She earned a spot on the highest competitive team within Albion that covers her age group — the Albion 2003 USDA team — for the 2017-18 season and will begin her training in April.

“While I would love to brag about how great this has all been, I don’t want to share Instructor Cruz with anyone else. We want him to ourselves”, she added.

Jada Gibson, celebrating another victory!


Jada is another player that has reached new heights due to her efforts. She currently plays with Surf, being previously a member of AYSO, Rangers and Rebels. Curious fact: she was the 100th member to join TFF! 

Gracie and Jada are not the only players who have shown exceptional progress: Savanna Serna (played for Albion ’04 Premier, SDD 04 Allstars, currently playing on US development Academy 2) Taylor Lewis (Albion Academy, currently DA team) Gracie Brutto (going from SDDA G2004 Flight 2 – Albion Premier to Albion G2004 US Development Academy) Valerie Gabaldon (played for Albion ’04 Premier, SDD 04 Allstars, currently playing on US development Academy 2) Arianna Morales (Albion DA) and Maura Yumul (Surf San Diego US Soccer Development Academy Team, Surf San Diego (Condeliffe) Team).

They have all have shown great improvement during their stay at The Futbol Factory. And certainly, as Instructor Cruz would say, they will not be the last.


Success speaks for itself!

He adds that improvement is not magic. Consistency, hard work, and dedication are essential to achieve the desired result. If the player is dedicated, The Futbol Factory is sure to be there 100%, be it through High Performance Trainings, Private Sessions, Summer Camps, League Games, Pick-Up Games or any other event that might help our players hone their skills.

As you can see, tapping into your true futbol-soccer potential is fun, easy and right around the corner. It is up to you to come and visit us to find more about it!

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07 Mar

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