Aubameyang v. Bolt

Borussia Dortmund’s resident speedster Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has made headlines for his outstanding performance on the German club. His unbelievable acceleration capacity, 15 goals and single assist in the 2016-2017 edition of the Bundesliga has made the French-born center-forward a hot asset.

Futbol-soccer skills aside, there is another reason for Aubameyang to be on the public eye: Usain Bolt. What does the fastest man alive have to do with all of this? It has been confirmed that the Jamaican superstar will join the Black and Yellows after he retires from athletic competition on August 2017.

How does one relate to the other? Besides the fact that both involve Borussia Dortmund, that is.

Aubameyang challenges the Lighting Bolt

Many could not believe the news at first. Aubameyang seemed to have clocked a split second less than the legendary sprinter. How could that be possible? A futbol-soccer player had seemingly shown more speed than Bolt; a man whose talent had remained unmatched by athletes that had trained all their life for that very moment.

“I am waiting, man,” said Aubameyang. “I want to do that race, I want to see how I am, because everybody says I am fast but I don’t think so. I hope to see you one day. I want to do this challenge.”

The speed feud has remained amicable and with the values of sportsmanship held high. Bolt teased the Frenchman, stating he knows that the Jamaican superstar would be the winner in the final bout.

Curiously enough, it is a win-win situation for Borussian Dortmund at this point. With Aubameyang and Bolt on their side, the German club has plenty of positive attention at the moment and a good-looking future.

Yet the original question remains to be answered at the moment. If these two titans clash on the racing track, who would be declared the fastest man in all of sports?

Perhaps we will need to wait until August to find out!

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19 Jan

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