3 reasons why a soccer warm-up is important

At one point or another, every player has felt the urge to just jump on the pitch and begin playing right away. While a positive attitude is definitely a plus, practicing shots and beginning intense dribbling without even engaging in a soccer warm-up will result in a lower than expected performance. You might even get injured!

Soccer warm-up – the benefits


If broken down to the very basics, a soccer warm-up consists of two different kind of activities. Light cardiovascular exercises take place first, and while many options exist, jogging laps is a very popular choice among amateurs and professional The instructor may decide to also add side-stepping, skipping and other activities into the mix, as long as they don’t involve any explosive movements.

A good rule of thumb to follow? Listen to your body: breaking sweat is a good sign that your body is ready for the next stage. Only after this phase has been completed should players follow up with stretching.

Alternating between rotations, lunges, slight trunk twists and touching your toes comprise approximately the first half of this section, while activities involving a little more jumping and short sprints represent the last part truly prepare your body for the training session or match at hand.

How does this work or is even beneficial for you?

  1. Avoiding injury

Teams are often seen warming up pre-match for a good reason. Picture a cold muscle -and we are not talking external temperature here- for a moment. It is stiff, rigid, and definitely not prepared for exercising. Now imagine its movement in a full-blown match or a vigorous training session, where twists and quick motions happen frequently.

Said reason is why soccer warm-up activities have been created in which, by definition, they activate the player’s body. Engaging in them increases circulation, which in turn helps the joints loosen up. If followed up with a stretching session, a player’s range of motion and flexibility increases while also lowering the risk of strains, sprains and muscle tears.

  1. Improving physical performance


Hand in hand with avoiding injury, body preparation contributes toward a better performance on the pitch.

Picture shooting at the goal out of the blue, without any physical activity beforehand, and picture it now with a body prepared for a wider range of motion and muscles that are ready to contract.

As this is the case, joints and muscles that have already been warmed up contribute to a better response mid-game which, in turn, translated into better results.

  1. Increasing motivation and focus


Often overlooked, one of the most valuable benefits of stretching involves putting you into the right mentality before a training session or an important match takes place. Whatever thoughts might be in your head, engaging in slow, rhythmic physical activity helps you put your mind where it should be: on the game.

Now that you know why a soccer warm-up is important, are you ready to apply this on your next session? Come visit us and schedule your next training at The Futbol Factory!



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18 Dec

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