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Team Clinics

We are very excited to be celebrating our first anniversary, and we are grateful to our members for always coming to TFF with a great attitude and plenty of smiles every day.
Thank you, Parents, for believing in us.

We also want to thank the Futbol-Soccer community of San Diego. TFF was warmly welcomed by the existing clubs, teams, coaches, players, referees, and organizations from day one. We are all walking the same path, wanting Futbol to grow and shine in the San Diego region. We share the same passion of working with kids, willing to take responsibility of setting a good example, not only in soccer, but in life.

In talking to many coaches, it has become clear to us that we can be the perfect complement for them teaching and developing individual technique for their players. We can focus on one specific action, using hundreds of repetitions, to bring that player to another level in a very short period of time. And that is why we are presenting a list of Team Clinics.

The clinics are designed to train teams, small groups of individuals, or individuals on specific actions such as trapping, passing, shooting, and dribbling.

With our great team of instructors, trained in The Futbol Factory Method, we will team up with coaches and parents to help the kids play better and truly enjoy the beautiful game.

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Team Clinics FAQ