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Source Injury Prevention

Is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a Certified Athletic Trainer for the United States Soccer Federetion.


Diets for a healthy heart

Dr. Kafri is a board certified cadiologist that specializes in interventional cardiology and vascular diseases.


Laws of Soccer & the referee

Join us for a spirited talk that will cover FIFA laws, controversial calls in youth soccer, and what every parent and young player should know about the laws of the game(including what the referee is thinking)


Top 10 Soccer Injuries

Dr. Moyad is an orthopedic surgeon with vast experience in sport injuries. He will discuss the top 10 soccer injuries, how to prevent, recognize and address these injuries.


Sport-Related Concussions

Alan Shantaji, DO, CAQ-SM.

Primary Care Sports Medicine Director of UCSD. Sports Concussion Clinic, Assistant professor of Family Medicine and public Health, UCSD school of Medicine.


Effective Communications Skills

Great communication skills are essential for players and coaches to archieve success on the soccer field and throughout life.


The Mental Game

A specific approach using a Mind-body-spirit that actualizes your talent and athletic ability to win and achieve at your TEAM's highest level.


The Sun and your Skin

The Futbol Factory will host an educationel presesntation with Heidi Gilchrist, MD about early warning signs of skin cancer and ways of protecting skin from the sun to prevent skin cancer and decrease signs of aging. Topics to be reviewed will be sunscreens, antioxidants, and topical treatments to build collagen.