INSTRUCTORS - Futbol Factory

The Instructors

Our instructors are selected based on these elements:

1. Decent, well-educated individuals

2. Great, talented Futbol players that want to share/teach what they know.

3. Care about other players, especially the younger ones.

4. They believe and adhere to The Futbol Factory's philosphy and concept, which combines teaching technique with having fun, these elements are at the core of our program.

5. They implement The Futbol Factory's methodology which emphasizes ball control, discipline, and becoming a better player.

The Instructors at The Futbol Factory are instructors, not coaches. They teach techinque, not tactics. The Futbol Factory has created a unique method in which individual futbol-soccer players are taught how to trap, pass, shoot, and control the ball, and our Instructors have been trained how to implement that method. All of our instructors also have the following qualifications: CPR Certified, First Aid Training, Background-Checked, Sexual Harassment Training Certified.